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TRUTH Personal Computer Services  was started out of necessity.  Realizing that we live in an  increasingly technological age, we  originally worked together designing a  website for our home church.  We  quickly became aware that website  development was both very time  consuming and complicated and  hiring someone to do the job was very  expensive. We also realized that this  was a great tool to reach people with  the gospel of Jesus Christ and get the word out about our church. Upon  completion of the original site, the need to do other sites became apparent and  people began to inquire about having us develop a site for them at a reasonable cost. The rest is history. At TRUTH PC, our main desire is to glorify God in all we do. Therefore, we  refuse to build a site with content that would go against our church’s Statement  of Faith. We also reserve the right to reject any project that we deem  inappropriate. Beyond that, we aim to build professional looking sites that our  customers will be pleased with and help maintain them long-term. We also  intend to provide our services at a reasonable cost.   
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